i have some pictures that were sent to me on my xperia s smartphone i want to download them to my laptop so i can delete off m


Oct 26, 2013
i have photos that have been sent to me by mms i want to download them to my laptop as my phone is geeting really full up..i dont want to delete the ones i have on my phone unless i can put them on my laptop can anyone help me?
First you have to "save" the MMS picures as just pictures on their own (use the Xperia menus to do this). Remember where you saved them.

Now install Sony PC Companion on your computer:

You can now plug your Xperia in to your computer using the USB charging cable. Windows Explorer should now show two new drives.
1) The Xperia's internal storage
2) The microSD card in the phone (if there is one).

Click on the appropriate drive to find your pictures where you saved them.