I have Windows 7 Home Premium now

Jan 17, 2015
I have Windows 7 Home Premium now. I've taken the laptop back to 'brand new' but still the machine runs slow when I'm online. Sometimes a video plays ok, but mostly they keep getting hung up.. some website time out..

My laptop worked fine and was fast till a month ago. After a week or so I figured I'd overloaded it so I cleaned it off and took back to new, but it is still giving me problems. I've done virus and trojan checks and everything I can think of.

My question is.... If I do an upgrade to Windows 7 pro, with a clean install, would that help? I did not get disks when I bought this so I can't do a clean install of home premium?

Any ideas?

Thanks Cynthia
I've taken the laptop back to 'brand new'

Brand new, as in how it came from the factory? Likely there is far too much crapware running.
Look into that.

Win 7 Pro vs Win 7 Home Premium won't affect how it runs.
Crapware vs no crapware will.


Dec 17, 2012
sounds like you might have a virus.

a new version of windows won't speed up your system. try downloading malwarebytes and run a full system scan. download adwcleaner from bleepingcomputer.com and run a scan as well

check your installed programs in the control panel -> programs and features menu. uninstall everything installed since this issue started