Question I just bought a pre-owned Toshiba 37HL95 All channels say signal is weak except for six channe

Mar 10, 2019
I have tried everything, three different antennas, re-scanning, I am only able to get channels 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and channel 10.1 through 10.5. I’m located 19 miles from the TV station that broadcasts all 20 some channels I should be receiving nothing works!!! Getting so frustrated! Why would I get some channel is broadcasting from the same exact location and none of the others!!
Just because the channels all come from the same transmission tower doesn't mean they are all the same signal strength.
Having said that the distance is pretty close. Were any of the antennas powered? Were any outdoor antennas? A directional antenna might work better than an omni-directional one.
The tuner in the TV may not be very sensitive. An more up to date outboard tuner might be more sensitive.
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