I just played Cyberpunk 2077 on my iPad Pro — and the results match a powerful gaming PC

Apr 21, 2023
If you have an rtx 4090 and a good connection like that why use the subscription based geforce now?

I have an rtx 4090 and a 1gb internet connection and i stream my pc games using the app Moonlight (can be downloaded on android and ios)

Im using a gamesir controller with a samsung galaxy s23 ultra. The experience is like using a switch ultra Oled.

This way i can play anything. Nintendo emulators, all my older games, not just games from geforce now.
Try it out! You have the hardware!


Oct 23, 2020
This is not ecologic at all !!! Playing on mac book with a cloud is an ecologic catastrophy... This is why i play localy, and not depend on a subcription services, my internet provider and a cloud system.

To many factor that can make me not play. Too risky, i don't have enough money zo waste it on a subscription system !