I just saw the LG C3 and LG G3 OLED TVs up close — here’s which one I would buy

Mar 5, 2023
I have a G2. The picture quality is amazing. But I wish I hadn't bought it, and I advise everyone avoid LG TVs. Because LG tries hard to invade your privacy.
Read the license agreements for things like "Voice Control"; they allow LG to send audio from everything you watch, even on e.g. a Roku, and from your room from the microphone, even if you're not talking to the TV.
And their rights on what they can do with that is extremely broad.

No worries, you think, just don't agree. Well, it's not that easy. They have a brutal pop-up that will regularly present over your content, telling you that you need to agree to be able to use this feature you don't even want. It's changed a few times in the last eight months, but is still there.

Okay, you think, I'll just disconnect from the internet. Nope. An entirely different message regularly pops up telling you that a bunch of advanced features won't work without the internet.

I spoke to LG support about this last August. They're aware, but there's no way to disable any of this. All you can do is Accept the agreements and then turn the features off... which still gives them the right to record and forward all your data.

Pretty bad. There are a bunch of posts from a bunch of people about this on Reddit.