I just spilled milk all over my Dell laptop..


Aug 21, 2017
So I spilled milk while watching YouTube. I cleaned up as much as I can. The laptop is working fine still, but it says that I have speakers plugged in, so the sound is not working. My guess is that there's milk in the headphone jack and the laptop thinks it's an aux cord. I don't want to risk taking my laptop apart, because my parents would probably kill me. >.<
Please respond ASAP!!

UPDATE: I tried plugging in headphones and it works. But when I take it out, there's still no sound.


As I see it you have 2 choices:
1 - own up and tell the parents so they can take it to a shop and pay to have it cleaned up correctly
2 - wait till the milk corrodes stuff enough that the laptop dies, the parents can send it in under warranty and then will find out about the corrosion damage that way.

In either case, take out the power & battery until then