I just stumbled on my favorite Xbox feature — I really wish PS5 had this

Mar 27, 2024
there are so many things better on Xbox: quick resume, backward compatibility, gamepass (like diablo 4, dead island2, etc... and soon all the call of duty and in particular the next black ops 3 which are coming), play anywhere (console , pc, cloud, mobile), you buy your game once and you can play it everywhere, no need to buy your game again, and when you buy a game, you are sure that you will be able to play it in several years on the next consoles or mixed on PC (it's less guaranteed on PlayStation), full of exclusive first party games in 2024-2025 (indiana jones, hellblade 2, avowed, towerborne, ara, age of mithology, blade, gears 6, etc...) and nothing first party on PlayStation, Xbox games are a little cheaper, Xbox games have better tracking over time with more free content and more free updates, unlike a tendency at playstation to charge for everything, and ultimately an approach for the player and not for the payers.

It looks like a fanboy message but it's true, I have both consoles, and apart from a few rare PlayStation exclusives, I play much more often on Xbox Series X because of the gamepass, first party Xbox games like Forza Horizon , halo, soon hellblade 2 in may, then indiana jones, then all call of duty, etc... because of the user-friendliness of the interface.

In the next generation, I won't get a PlayStation again, I'm fed up with their policy, you always have to buy everything again, there's no follow-up, the PS VR2 abandoned with no games on it, and then with all these closures of studios and this shift they have taken towards service games smells bad for the future.


Nov 3, 2022
As an owner of both consoles this generation (last gen just had a PS4), I can concur than Microsoft's policies are a lot more player friendly.
Because Sony is so far ahead in sales, it doesn't seem as willing to make its policies more friendly and people just put up with it.