I lost my games and accessories, Ii removed my dell tool bar ,I wonder if they went with it.?


Nov 27, 2012

Kindly I ask your attention.

Could you be so kind to update the information, like:

Dell type and ?, Operating System and Type.

How to find the OS version and type?

Start your browser, search with different search engines and use dfferent phrases:

How to find the System Information (here you need to type in the Windows/Mac/Linux version)?

Do you know what Del without the second (l) means in Dutch?

What a Del(l) to undelete those games and accessories, don't you agree?
LOL! :)

Well, when you update thoose information, we might find the best answer to answer your question as best when there is one.

I think that only the shortcuts and/or icons are not shown and that it all still is installed.

Hopefully I let you known enough, that you will find the answers you seek! :)

Good luck and have fun doing it! :)

Best Regards,