I love ’X-Men ‘97’ so far but I made a huge mistake

Mar 22, 2024
I understand why you misunderstood. That is one of the things the show got right. The original show was meant to be chaotic with several plots going on at once, and being a little bit confusing was part of the charm (believe it or not). Fox aired episodes out of order, and the reruns did not help. But even if you watch it in orders, they still find ways to confuse you a little bit. In one episode, a space princess showed up and the X-Men tried to rescue her, but then bounty hunters Erik the Red showed up, and then the Juggernaut and then a character called Gladiator showed up and threw Juggernaut, all in a span of five minutes. But when we saw it, we (internet was brand new back then) have no idea who they are, but we know there are trading cards and comic somewhere that explains everything and we were fine with it.