I need a laptop for putting videos on YouTube and editing videos for mostly putting videos up with awesome HD quality


Jul 21, 2015
I need a laptop for putting videos on YouTube and editing videos for mostly putting videos up with awesome HD quality. I'll be putting up live commentary and montages so I need a good laptop for that and I don't know much about laptops so I need some help in that compartment please and thank you


Jul 21, 2015
What is your budget?
Keep in mind the following
1) you will need to purchase video editing software (Vegas is the norm)
2) webcams on laptops are generally not the best in quality, you will most likely need an external webcam
3) You will need an i5 processor or above with 6GB of RAM being preferred (or more)
4) Mics can be pretty expensive, a decent professional mic can cost 100+
5) I wouldn't advise turning this into a career unless you are extremely personable and can put up original content.


If you are recording gameplay footage you will need a pretty beefed up laptop depending on the games you attempt to record.
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