i need a laptop to run bf4 on at least low to mid settings under 500$(preferably 400 or less)


Oct 29, 2014
my pc just broke..and i need a laptop that can play bf4 on low to mid settings

any ideas/suggestion will be greatly appreciated

battlefield 4
league of legends
heroes of the storm
diablo 3
those are the main ones i play

i would just buy a desktop for temp purposes but that just takes up room + i can use the laptop as a backup/ and their easier to get fixed lol

i prefer new laptops but if the laptop is good ill consider a refurbished / used one if needed


Oct 29, 2014

thank you
i agree with everything u said..but the windows 10 kinda shuns me away lol..i had a really bad problem the last time i used windows 10 on my(currently incapacitated)desktop right after upgrading from windows 8.1 it began to use 100% disk which in turn led to me breaking the pc lol

if that is all there is ill proly get it
heck ill proly end up geting it either way i havent seen any decent laptops that arent windows 10 -.-
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