I need help with choose stereo cord


Aug 27, 2013
My headphone is Sony MDR10RNCIP (White)
http://Sony MDR10RNCIP

I got a problem after I bought a asus xonar dx 7.1 sound card
this sound card doesn't seen support a cord that has 3 lines on the jack
It works perfectly on my sister's headphone that has 2 lines on the jack, but not on my Sony MDR10RNCIP.
I not sure why, I think I have to buy a cord that has 2 lines on the jack
May anyone please recommends me a white 5~8 feet white cord that has 2 lines on the jack?
I not sure which one will fit to my headphone, because it has its own size connects to the headphone
~8 dollars
thank you very much :)