I need to send HDMI over ethernet. Need help!


Oct 1, 2010

house is just being finished, and I've started dealing with purchasing and setting up my Home Cinema. I've settled on getting the UE55F8000 or F7000 from samsung as my TV. I'll be using an ethernet cable to stream movies and series from my computer to the TV. I think I'll be using a DVB-T for TV.

But I have a huge problem. I will be mounting the TV on a wall, so I need to rout all the cables through 2 90° turns and about 6m of walls. I will definitely need a HDMI cable, for either a console, or internet TV or plugging in a PC. Whatever the case I will need one for sure. As it is I forgot to tell my electricity guy that I will need a HDMI he didn't place one in the wall. There are 2 19mm tubes going to the TV from the shelf where the imputs will be. There is 1 ethernet cable a 220v going to the tv already.

But I need to get the HDMI to the TV. And I've been scouring the internet to find a slim enough HDMI cable, but I haven't found one, so I think I'll have to resort to using HDMI-over ethernet adapters and connectors.

I need the adapter to support 3d, full HD and not loose too much quality. I'm afraid I'll buy some overpriced shit that will make my tv be in 480p or something. I need your help here.

I've been looking at these:




They all say that they don't loose quality and whatnot, but I am hugely sceptical about this. And some claim 2.25Gbps bandwith on a single cat5e cable. That I think is ludicrous, because I have a hard time setting up 1Gbit on my lan. Some of these boxes cost like 150pounds, which I think is hugely overpriced as well.

Can you please suggest me a good option to pick?



need some clarification,are the 19mm tubes(20mm conduit)in the wall under the plaster and are these the reason you cannot run HDMI cable and is it because the HDMI plugs will not go through the tubes.


Oct 1, 2010
Oh, sorry I have completely forgotten that aspect of my post.

Here's a picture of the wall where the TV will be

And here I have drawn where the conduit is. The red line is where the conduit goes inside the walls and under the floor, and the green part is where the conduit goes outside than comes back through the wall to the socket in the wall. The line is obvioulsy COMPLETELY inaccurate, but my electritian made a point not to make any full 90° turns, but always make a smooth corner so pulling wires is easier.

Full link: http://imgur.com/34AU3gu

Sadly, the conduit is only 16mm (or there is 16mm space inside, not 100% sure) and looks almost exactly like this

Yes, standart HDMI wont fit, and i've looked into small HDMI's which are all too large.
There are parallel 2 conduits, and right now whats pulled is 5e and cables for a power socket.


ONE IMPORTANT THING I've just remembered I haven't yet looked into are micro HDMI's. Not sure if they support 1.4 hdmi standarts, but if they do that just might be my solution.

Do Micro/Mini HDMI's support EVERYTHING the big ones do?

This link on official HDMI site isn't perfectly clear. So If I buy a 7m micro or mini HDMI cable, and a micro/mini to normal HDMI adapter on on end and plug that into my TV, will I loose functionality?


I am not sure if you can see it, but the low wall on which the conduit ends inside, is actually 1m in front of the wall the TV is on, and there are stairs underneath. The wall on which the TV is thus goes 1 floor down, so it's huge. Making placing an entirely new conduit a hugely expensive endeavour because the whole wall would have to be repainted. We are talking in 4 number values... Obviously out of the question.

I *think* and hope that I will be able to get DVB-x signal by air so I can make use of my samsung's TV native user interface. Which also means that I will rout a coaxial cable through the conduit to my TV.


My requirements are actually just that I can stream videos from my computer/other devices (Covered by samsung link), have a hdmi imput for media boxes, consoles, random devices someone'd want to plug in, and that I have basic TV. Oh, and the hdmi imput should support 3D HD 1080p.

On a more unrelated note, can samsung LINK stream 3D and HD? If it can't than I also need a solution for streaming full HD 3D movies from my computer.

I've looked into splicing an hdmi cable, but everyone says its extremely difficult.

So If you have a better solution than an HDMI cable shoot away. I am open to any and all other suggestions. I haven't looked all that much into it, maybe displayport would fit?

Thanks for you replies!!!



Oct 1, 2010
I've had a major breakthrough here!

I found this:

If I'm not wrong this has all I need. (1080p and 3d@1080p) And if there is any justice in the world, I should be able to pull this through the conduit, even if with spartan endeavours. :D

Now all i need is a male to male mini hdmi to hdmi and I'm golden!

EDIT: I found this:

Do you think buying sketchy adapters from shady sites could result in problems when plugged in? How do i know it will fully support 1.4?


I think your best bet would be to use micro HDMI which is smaller than mini HDMI and also micro is HDMI 1.4 compliant.
Ebay has got male to male adaptors which look ok.
I can say from experience that pulling cable through that flexible conduit is a pain as it continually catches on the corrugations,try covering the connector with electrical tape or even better heat shrink before you attempt to pull it through to smoothe any sharp edges and ensure that the pulling cord is strong you do not want it to break.
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