I review gaming keyboards for Tom’s Guide — here’s what I recommend for each budget

Feb 21, 2023
Each one of these keyboards is an overpriced hunk of junk. Not one has a switch better than cherry, which BTW are absolute crap. I didn't see one hot swappable option to utilize those better switches. Nothing but membrane under $50? Red dragon offers hot swappable mechanical switches for under $50. Spending $250 for that worthless razer low profile? For $250 you get get any of Keychron's gasket mounted, aluminum hot swappable q series. There's literally hundreds of other better options in between. Sad.
Feb 26, 2023
Promoted shill article. Even 50usd gateron optical gk6x keyboards are better than these. But yes if you want super cheap go membrane, some membrane keyboards will be better than some of those listed here