Review I spent a month with the Oura fitness ring — here’s what happened

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Aug 17, 2023
As a user interested in tracking my physiological data, I was deeply disappointed by the Oura Ring product. This product falls far short of its promises and turns out to be a real scam hidden behind an appealing facade.

The first point that shocked me is the deceptive nature of this product. At the time of purchase, there is no indication that an additional subscription is required to access the information captured by the integrated sensors (heart rate, daily step count, oxygen saturation, heart rate variability). This deceptive practice can only lead to frustration among users who thought they would have access to this data with full transparency.

It's not just a financial letdown, but also a functional one. The sophisticated sensors promised accurate tracking of our physiological parameters, yet these data are ultimately held hostage behind a monthly payment barrier. This lack of transparency greatly damages the trust that one can place in the brand.

Paying a subscription to access one's own data is a questionable practice, especially given the already high initial price of the Oura Ring. One might think that this initial expense would justify at least basic access to the data, but it appears that the company is more interested in ongoing profits than in customer satisfaction.

In the end, I can only advise against purchasing the Oura Ring for anyone seeking accurate and transparent tracking of their physiological data. The product proves to be disappointing in many respects: deceptive in its presentation, expensive in its business model, and limited in its access to crucial information for users. Don't fall into the trap of this supposed innovation, as you're likely to simply lose your hard-earned money.
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