I switched from YouTube TV to Hulu + Live TV, and here’s the feature I miss the most


Dec 31, 2007
We moved recently and the only game in town was Spectrum. I did some research and for our purposes, Hulu+Live was the best deal all around. We ditched Spectrum TV (and the rest of Spectrum is soon to go bye-bye when fiber is laid) and signed up with Hulu+Live. Yes, their menu access SUX big time, but I'll live with that as we now have Hulu, Disney+, ESPN, and who knows what else. Combined with Samsung TV / TCL Roku, we have more choices than we know what to do with. Just before we got HULU, we had a whole house OTA aerial installed and can get any OTA channel with 60 miles. Sure, the OTA cost about $500 installed with amplifier, hookups, and cables, but since we were saving about $100+ per month dumping Spectrum, we're still coming out ahead.