I test headphones — here are my 5 best options for working from home

Mar 12, 2023
These are good choices but miss one critical aspect of work from home. The reality is that you just can't shut out your home. Doing so for more than a meeting or two is unfair to your family and dangerously upsets any attempt at balance.

I live this space and have done so for many many years. Yes, I've got some Bose 700's and they work great. But I've relegated them to travel. That's where their greatest value is.

As far as buds go, the ones you tested don't hold a candle to the Jabra evolve2 buds. Bonus... The personalized ear tuning means the audio quality is far better than the Bose.

For day to day though... The game changer for me was the shokz opencomm UC. Bone conduction means I'm still present in the world around me. Less family drama, kids don't think I'm ignoring them and when the dog needs to go out... I know about it before it's an issue.

Any article talking about the best headphones/buds for remote work has to include a bone conduction option. The tech has arrived and it's an option not to be ignored.