News I tested this gadget that makes Nintendo Switch games look way better on your 4K TV

Dec 13, 2021
In response to the concerns brought up. I have owned my mclassic for over a year.... and it's legit. Tuning sharpening if you have a high end tv can help but it doesnt upscale resolution and add anti_ aliasing to the game as this good product does with regularity. I have a 65 inch lg cx oled and it is a must have. As what it does to jiggies and shimmer is very impressive.* note* the absolute best way to enjoy this product is on a pc monitor that supports 1440p@60fps or higher. As this is the max output of the switch on this device. Dread was phenomenal playing with optimal setup! On most 4k tvs you can not set them to 1440p as the default is 4k so you are receiving a high end 1080 p with the perks of the anti and other scalers that are built into the processer. This is a product if you enjoy clarity/ not magic but very solid. Example the Switcher 3 with the mclassic on a BenQ monitor.....enough said.