I think I can connect my VCR to my Samsung Smart tv but will it record and play back from this TV (Samsung Television (LED, LC


Nov 15, 2015
I can connect my Samsung smart tv to my dvd and my vcr without problem ..............I just ordered the adapter for my vcr as the back plugs connectors is a scart lead connector..........I just want to know if I can record from this Samsung tv to my old but still good conditions vcr; I used to record from another Panasonic Viera HD without problem, recording setting the recording time on the tv and recording in the vcr was straightforward.........I do not know if the vcr will record from the tv using the time recording features of the tv............any help please???


Easiest thing to do is hook it up and try it. If the other HD TV worked, this one should as well. Although the timing or recording from the TV is a bit odd, are you sure the VCR was not the one that was setting the recording time? I have never seen where you set a recording time for a VCR in the TV, always from the VCR.