I think that my laptop is overheating....



I have a ASUS G53sx Republic of Gamers notebook with a Core i7-2670QM nd GTX 560M 2GB (unfortunately one with only the 128-bit memory data bus). So this is billed as a gamers laptrop with high efficiency vents in the back....but it seems that the GPU is getting very hot....

I use a CoolerMaster Storm Strike Force SF-19 laptop cooler to keep the temps under control, but during gaming according to GPUz, the temps are around 69-74C and that does not seem good, especially since if I feel the vents, I feel like I could seriously burn myself on them, now this cooler keeps it 5-10C cooler than is really is so tack on 5-10C onto that above number and I feel like that is pretty bad.

I am not sure if its just that the PC is like that or what is a bad temperature, but this seems a little absurd.... To have to buy a $60 cooling pad to use the most important feature, gaming, is ridiculous.... Running 2 fans underneath at 2300RPM is just unreasonable.

Anyway, I feel like the fan may not be working correctly on the GPU, since I do not feel very much air coming from the vents in the back, and I don't even feel the GPU fan running when I am not gaming....Lowering settings does nothing to the temperatures either....

What is a bad temperature for a laptop? Do I have a problem? Obviously when the warranty runs out I will replace the thermal dope and maybe the fans but should I be concerned that the fans are not running correctly? Maybe there is a driver I need to install ever since I reinstalled Windows 7 on my computer?...Oh yeah and before you say that I should get a normal PC for gaming and not a laptop, I would point out that I do have a desktop, it is just not convenient for college....


Feb 25, 2009
imaging chucking all your desktop gear into the tightest enclosure you can find and see how the heat is handled. laptops arent well designed for a gaming system period! its just comprise after to compromise to make it work unfortunately, and noise, heat and battery life are always gonna suck for the near future anyways its just the technology, yeah its hot but aslong as your not blocking the airflow, sitting it on pillows, blocking fans with your legs theres not much u can do and there will be built in thermal fail safes so that it doesnt completely kill itself.