I tried cryotherapy for the first time — here's what happened to my body

Apr 26, 2024
I tried cryotherapy for the first time about 5 weeks ago ... As a born skeptic, I had gone into the procedure not expecting any huge changes, or if any changes did occur I expected that it would take days or weeks before reaping any benefits. Before walking out the front door of the facility after the first time, I had almost complete relief of the inflammatory pain in my back and intercostal spaces which I had been dealing with for at least 6 months. The first treatment lasted 4 minutes, and subsequent treatments 5 minutes each (5 minutes is the max that they allow, but you can walk out of the cold chamber at any time prior to the 5 minute mark). It is a shock to your system, especially the first time, not knowing exactly what to expect from standing in -140 degrees air with no clothes on (tho a pair of underware is probably advisable, especially the first time), so for the first time, one needs to just tough it out. They provide ear muffs with your own selected Spotify music playing (like headphones) to help distract your brain from what you are doing, so that makes it easier. I've gone back every week since, and find myself feeling renewed every time I finish with a treatment. The effects last at least a week (I haven't gone more than 8 days between treatments), and plan to continue for the foreseeable future. I would encourage anyone who has had chronic inflammatory or trauma pain to give it a try once. The first time can be difficult, but once you know what to expect, repeat treatments become easier ... I now actually look forward to each treatment, expecting that I will feel a renewed sense of strength and being grateful for the relief of the pain I had been enduring and slowing me down for so long previously.