I tried to backup files from one SeaGate 1T ExHD to Another, and the first one stopped working...


Jun 27, 2015
I tried to back up my files on my Seagate 1T external HD to a new, fresh from the box, one, and the original stopped working. Now I can't get it to open at all. Windows recognizes when I have it plugged in, but simply as 'F:', rather than 'Seagate Backup Plus Drive (F:)'. When I try check the Properties in Device Manager, it says the drive is working properly.

I can't get the drive to open at all. I've tried switching USB ports. I've tried switching cords. But when I try opening it, I get a message saying it's corrupted or unreadable.

This only started when I tried to back up my files. Is there a way to fix this? All my files are on there. If I can't fix this at home, would a computer expert (like say, Best Buy's Geek Squad) be able to back up my files onto my new Ex-HD?

I'm using Windows 8 (for the moment; I recently had to have my HD and Motherboard replaced, and for some reason I can't upgrade to 8.1, because I don't have Admin status, which I do), on a HP Envy.


May 29, 2013
You need to format it and then use a recovery software to recover your data, cuz its corrupted now. Even i had this same problem and the only solution i found was this. :)
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