I walked 3,300 steps with the Fitbit Charge 6 and Fitbit Charge 5 — here's the winner

Apr 14, 2024
So there is actually one more thing that differentiates the two. The charge 5 actually has many tech problems, that is why it is discounted or you can't find it anymore. In my family we are frequent users of Fitbit watches and we have had 5 different charge 5 watches go bad in about the span of a year and a half. They die slowly, usually the screen stops being responsive or some other glitch occurs and within weeks or even days they stop working completely. I think that there might even be articles online about the technical glitches. Also, I currently have the charge 6 and it is actually way more accurate personally, and it will automatically pop up an exercise on screen if it senses it on the vitals. Overall, it is better to spend a bit more on the charge 6 or just some other watch than be stuck dealing with an unresponsive watch only a few months after you bought it.