i7 4510U thoughts ?


Aug 26, 2013
Earlier this year I had some old HP with i7 2670qm. I sold it cause i needed money. Now I am looking something similar to get mostly for multimedia, some Photoshop and 4k movies.

I have offer for laptop Asus F550LN. i7 4510U, 8Gb ddr3, 1tb hdd, 256gb ssd and integrated gpu.

My question is will this be enough for mentioned purposes ? Or I should aim for 2670qm ? Newer laptops are truly expensive in my country so this is limited choice. Should I get it for 280 bucks or not ? In case that is enough.


Jun 27, 2017
U means ultra low power, vastly less power than whatever chip they say it is. sometimes 'U' means it only has 2 cores, not 4. you have to look up the specific model to know how many cores it will come with. unfortunately in this case, the i7'u' will be 2 core.

the qm is a real 4 core.

the u computes at 3.9k and the qm computes at 5.9k (passmark) than means the qm is 50% more powerful than the u.

get the QM, forget anything 'u'
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