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I do not know if this is the right forum to ask this but since this is an Apple related question, I thought I would post my question here. I am considering replacing my Samsung Galaxy S5 with an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. If I switch to iPhone, I will also replace my Samsung tablet with an iPad. I also intend to setup an Apple account before the purchase to transfer my music and other files to iCloud. However, before I make the switch, if I choose the iPhone, I have a question about the iCloud. I have a Google Drive account which stores my large music collection in both MP3 and FLAC formats. I am considering replacing my MP3 songs with either AAC or M4A copies. These M4A or AAC files will be created by making copies from my FLAC files. When I last checked, Apple had ALAC format for iTunes and iOS devices as a lossless audio compression. I intend to use iTunes to store my music in M4A or AAC and transfer the files to the iPhone while I use a separate media player to listen to music in FLAC on my HTPC. As a safety measure, in case my computer and/or external hard drive are lost or damaged or destroyed by a virus, power surge, fire, or natural disaster, I would like to store my FLAC files on iCloud. Will iCloud be able to store my music in FLAC or will I have to switch to ALAC? If I have to change from FLAC to ALAC, will I lose audio quality during the conversion? Thanks.


Jan 23, 2015
iCloud backup is mostly for backups of pictures, app data, and messages. It will not back up your music files.

There's a separate part of iCloud called "iCloud drive" where you can store...basically, whatever. You could dump the FLAC files there if you want.
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