I'd bet the Nintendo Switch 2 packs Nvidia power — here’s why

Mar 23, 2023
I’m sorry this is a terrible article and feels more like there wasn’t anything to talk about with the switch so the writer had to do something. In one sentence this article could’ve been done. Nintendo signed a 20 year contract with Nvidia..the end. The success of the switch didn’t guarantee that, the contract did. I think next time a better article would be “what we want in a new switch that isn’t graphics related” people will want to read that!


Jan 21, 2010
Poor article and lazy journalism. In spite of what appears to be a bias against AMD, use of AMD silicon is a moot point when you have a contract that states exclusive use of NVidia for a length of time yet to pass.

As already mentioned, this fluffy filler could have been better served on a wish list of features and specs for the Switch replacement instead of trying to sell the use of NVidia graphics.