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Mar 13, 2019
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Last night i was just laying in bed whilst thinking about the future of AR and VR. Personally i think AR will hit the market sooner than virtual reality mainly due to VR needing whole new worlds to be programmed whilst AR already has a world, earth.

This is probably a stupid idea, it probably has a lot of problems, it might even be impossible. But i wan't to see what you guys think about it

In this scenario we are assuming that we have all the money necessary to achieve everything below.

This game requires a AR headset first of all right, that problem can be solved by partnering up with Microsoft to test it on their headset.
This game is similar to Pokemon GO but much more large scale. This game will start of by giving everyone a rank. This ranked is determined by how much points
you have. (We will get to how you get points soon) The more point you have the higher your rank, and rankings are based of local leader boards so whilst you may be rank 8 in London
that will not transfer if you play this game in the US lets say. This could start of a a small project in London.

Now let's get to the base of the game. This game is simply a real life mmo but with only the boss aspects of mmo's. The company that is working on this project buy out 5 locations across London (or wherever)
These locations will be known as the arenas. They are decked out with cameras, sensors that map out the entire arena for the players. I was thinking about also utilising drones to map out the arena as drones can cover more area.
Only 20 players are allowed to enter one arena for the time being this number could be increased as the game becomes more mainstream, popular or in high demand. arenas can also be increased over time.

These so called arenas are the spawn locations of bosses. All bosses that will be present in this game are unique all have their own style and patterns. These bosses are programmed and designed to only stay in the arena they move around, attack certain regions which will be indicated with red colours on the floor. The players will have classes just like in real mmo's there will be tanks, dps and support. If the player is standing in the red region when the boss attacks they will lose health. Once they reach 0 health they are out and they will no longer be able to interact with the boss. They can then make their way to the 'out room' where they can spectate the rest of the match from there.

Now lets get back to the ranking system. With each boss fight your rank will slowly go up. The amount of points you get is determined by how much damage you did, how much healing you did or how much tanking you did just like in Overwatch you get bronze, silver and golden medals depending on your performance in certain regions. The top 10 players for each month will get rewards like coupons/discounts, free items and so on this is to keep the players motivated to try harder in every battle. Just as Pokemon GO brought Pokemon fans together in the real world. The hope of this game is to get people who usually stay hidden inside to come out, work with people, friends, strangers to beat bosses. Go over strategies together and just have fun. The day this becomes a reality is the day all gaming fans will come out and work together

There are probably tone of things i didn't go over here this is just a rough idea that i literally got last night so i fully understand its not perfect. but what do you guys think about it, is it a good idea what are the limitations what can be improved i want all the feedback i can get because a world where something like above exists will sure as hell be fun.

This is most likely a really ambitious project and it most likely will never becoming a thing but if there's a slight chance of it becoming reality i want to make sure it does. There are still multiple questions to be answered such as how will attacking work, how do you get weapons, loot system but all that can be explained in due time and with a bigger team other than one 16 year old I'm sure all problems and issues can be resolved.
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