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Jun 18, 2013
Hi Everyone,

My custom desktop recently got burned due to an electrical fire in the room :(. So I am in the market to either build another computer, or switch over to a laptop. I mainly use the computer for editing photos, write papers, and play video games here and there. I was thinking about building another computer since that's what I love to do and like the customizability. However, I'm starting to move away from video games and going towards photography more.

Do any of you have recommendations for the best price:performance laptops? or should I stick with just building a new rig?

As much as I hate to ask, but would apple notebooks be worth it as well? (I've played around with them over the years with music and editing; I must say it functions very well)

It would also be nice to be able to edit my photos on the go, so that's why I'm leaning towards a laptop.

Thanks in Advance! ;)
Laptops are certainly viable, even if they're not on an equal tier in terms of overall construction quality and quality to cost ratio compared to desktops/towers. For editing, whether you decide on a laptop or a tower, I suggest something with the following:

1. A i5 or i7 CPU. Depending on the games you may (or may not) want to play, this will be based on your needs, although a modern i5 - even those found in laptops - is quite capable.

2. 8 GB of RAM. More is fine, though it's akin to a hair cut: if you get more taken off than what you want, you're stuck with it (at least until it grows back). Having a surplus of RAM is not a problem in the same way, but you'll be paying for something you don't need and probably won't ever fully utilize, and that's money you can apply to either another upgrade that's more practical, or money you can use towards whatever else.

3. For photography purposes, find yourself a nice screen! Be it a hobby, professional, or academic, a 90% NTSC screen on a laptop will look great and get you better color accuracy. If you're not quite that serious about it, or your budget doesn't permit it, then find yourself a good screen (based off of reviews) and calibrate it. You can calibrate the 90% gamut screen as well for a more optimal color profile and overall better viewing experience.

And yes: Macbooks are very good computers. A Mac may be less viable for games, but for all other purposes one would serve you well. :)


Jun 18, 2013

Thanks for the very detailed suggestions, I will definitely take to account all those options. Having built various gaming towers, I never knew what important components were needed for video/photo editing. Obviously, the screen is one of the biggest issues and I need my lighting/colors to be precise.

If you were to suggest 3 laptops with the best price to performance ratio?


If you go with a laptop reseller than can customize something for you, then I'll shoot a couple of brands your way instead of specific models as they/we can usually upgrade the screen.

1. Asus
2. Clevo/Sager
3. Macbook (Their panels are produced by Samsung, and the retina display is nice.)

Macs are the exception, as there aren't really resellers that do customizations on them. Hopefully this helps! :)
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