If I have comcast internet service and a converter box can I get local tv channe



We have comcast internet service (only) and were receiving local tv channels on our tv with a converter box, but as of last week we no longer receive the local channels. Should we be able to watch local channels or was that just a fluke?


That depends on how your TV is set up to receive signals. If the TV is connected to either an indoor or outdoor antenna, then it should be just a fluke or your antenna got disconnected/out of whack. However, if your TV is connected to the same cable as your internet service, then it sounds like Comcast found you out and disconnected your cable tv. Even if it is just the local channels, it's still TV service being provided by Comcast.

-Wolf sends


Oct 15, 2007
agreed with what wolf said.

connected to a comcast cable and getting local channels is either by luck or accident.
i wonder what made you connect the convertor box to see if local channels were available at all.
if i had one laying around, i would be curious too.

but to come here and ask about it like that.. it is like you are saying 'did comcast move the local television service to all digital and my convertor box is no longer applicable?'

was it an older cable tuner box for televisions with a rotory dial?
was it a digital convertor box for televisions with the older analog tuner?

it isnt totally uncommon for comcast to leave reception available without paying for it.
i have heard stories of 'free service' in the past.

makes me wonder if it was truly by accident, or if they left it on to see if you would use it.
kinda like if the government came up to you and said 'if we pay you to rob a store.. would you do it?'
then the question is.. does the business owner deserve to be robbed, and you are helping them prosecute the business owner.
are they persuading you with money to see if you are crazy enough to rob a store?
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