Question If I unplug my headphones, audio will only play through laptop speaker until restart.

Apr 10, 2021
Hi - this exact question has been asked before in April 2019 but the answer does not work for me. I have spent about 3 or 4 hours searching the internet and keep coming across the same answers but nothing that works for me! I have tried updating drivers. The headphones only show in 'playback' as one item, Realtek speakers/headphones. They are not listed separately (not disabled or hidden). I have tried two sets of headphones and the same thing happens with both. I have run the audio troubleshooter several times - it asks me to restart leaving the headphones plugged in, and they are working on restart. However, if I unplug them after that, they do not work, until I restart again with them plugged in.

Disabling the speakers doesn't work as they are the same thing in the playback window - so the headphones are disabled as well. There are two other sets of headphones in the playback window which are my two soundcore mini speakers which are listed separately to the Realtek speaker/headphones, but neither of my actual headphones are recognised separately in this window. It appears to be a problem with the laptop recognising that headphones have been plugged in when the laptop is in use. Any ideas? I am using a Dell XPS 15 9560, with Windows 10. Thank you - Caryn
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