Question Ignore head movement, Realsense


May 19, 2009
I use a wheelchair reclined so far that I cannot see forward to steer. I also have limited head movement.

I would very much like to use my Intel Realsense D455 stereo camera with my Gear VR and S9 to view the world in front of me with depth perception from a normal point of view.

The Gear VR UI requires too much head movement and the hand controller is too unreliable. I also occasionally need to use it lying on my side.

This should be a simple app. Just display the live camera feed in landscape mode. Ignore the gyro and accelerometer.

Is there an app that will do this without invoking the Oculus software?

Is there any AR/VR device better suited, who's basic user interface does not require head movement?
Or at least allows scaling and tilting the UI, or locking it to landscape orientation?

I have a Jetson Nano on the chair, so PC based is OK as long as it's Linux friendly.