Question I'm getting disconnected from games

Aug 31, 2019
I already disabled firewall and the problem is still occuring, I don't know why but when I start playing a game I get disconnected about 5 minutes in, The internet is fine for everything else
While you say the internet is fine for other things, have you actually tested the connection to see if it is slowing and/or dropping connection? While on a typical site you may not notice any such changes. However if watching a movie or playing a game that requires a more solid constant connection then you would notice. I would suggest checking to see if your connection is in deed having issues. And this would not be for just one check, you need to check it regularly to see if there are fluctuations. They have an automatic test here...

Also, is this via WiFi or Ethernet connections?
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Aug 31, 2019
Yes I have tested the connection and everything is working great, but for some reason I'm getting disconnected in games, and usually when I got disconnected from games it would let me reconnect in a few seconds but now when this has been happening since yesterday it won't let me reconnect I have to exit the game. This is wifi
To make sure it isn't about the WiFi on the laptop itself, I would suggest connecting through Ethernet and see if you get the same issue.

Also, if you are like most and don't clear out your history, cache, etc., from your browser, and don't reboot (completely power off and back on) the computer regularly you will run low on resources, which can also lead to problems.

Should none of the above make a difference, then I would start to look at the games themselves. There could be issues with them on your system, or with their sites themselves.
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