iMac mid 2010, 2TB WD 5400rpm or 2TB Seagate 7200rpm? PSU temps. extra ram


Dec 16, 2015

i was wondering which HDD i should go for, the 2TB WD 5400rpm or 2TB Seagate 7200rpm? i know you guys would most likely say the seagate 7200rpm because of its higher rounds but theres a catch. the 2TB WD 5400rpm has a thermal connection which has two rows of 4 pins stack on each other while the 2TB seagate barracuda has only a single row of 4 pin connections. the imac connect has two rows of 3 female connector which will obviously fit the 2TB WD blue. so should i get the seagate where i get higher rpms but sacrifice the hdd thermal sensor or the WD with lower speeds but a guaranteed thermal connection?

i dont know if this is an issue or not but after booting the imac, the PSU is around 60 degrees. is this a dangerous temperature to be at? what are the temps for the PSU that i should be worring about?

This is a link about WD hdd after replacement:

Imac temperatures:

imac Temperatures after an hour of youtube:

the imac's top left corner is hot.

the imac temperatures shows all the temps so yeh. this is 30minutes of usage after botting into windows 7.

right now i have 4gb of ram. i am wanting to upgrade to 16gb. knowing that the imac uses sodimm, will any sodimm ram be suitable for the imac?



Aug 15, 2006
Seagate have/had high failure rates, so I don't use them. Especially in an iMac where replacing the drive is a PIA.
Temp sensors can be ignored with fan speed software, temps look normal.

Have you thought about ditching the dvd drive and installing an SSD? Did that to my 2009. Amazing difference.

As for ram, it's 50/50. I've used non mac specific ram before and been fine, and I've had an issue once where it just wouldn't work despite being the correct spec. Swapped to ram 'for mac' and it worked.
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