Question iMessage does not revert to SMS when failing

Jun 5, 2019
Okay, so iMessage is great when it works but if for example I send a message to a friend and they are on iMessage but say they don't have a good data connection where they are, the iMessage will fail and it will show a red exclamation mark next to the message that failed. The problem I have is that you won't know if it has failed unless you are in that thread and see the warning. I could go a couple of hours after sending a message and then go into that thread and noticed it never went.
I have set up up iMessage to send via SMS when iMessage is unavailable but it never does! Does anyone else have this issue?
The automatic SMS fall back option is not working for me but lack of a decent failure notification is a real problem too. If this would show up in the top bar then at least I would more likely notice it.