In desperate need of mic/headphone setup gaming/streaming


Oct 29, 2017
Hello everyone,

I am in desperate need of advice and hopefully someone here can help me. So this is my situation: I am sitting with my girlfriend at a desk, around 2,5m long with both our PC setups. Next to that, there are 2 friends of mine as well, but they are around 2 meters away from us. Plus there is usually some music playing at the background.

Because when I wear an headset I get constant headaches, we were looking into a mic + headphone setup. We both have speakers where our in-game sound + voice chat is coming from. We bought 2x blue yeti's and installed them, but that isnt working at all because each of us picks up both our voices (even though its in card. mode and the gain is at its lowest + using a popfilter) which makes it not clear for our listeners. We also prefer to hear our gamesound through the speaker, so we don't have to wear anything on out heads.

While we do realise the things we want probably aint possible, we want try to get as much as we can. Preferably, we would have 2 mics, which wont pick up the in game sounds when we place the mics in front of the speakers, and wont pick up each others voices. Can someone give us tips on our set up on how to get the best result? It would be really appreciated!

Thanks in advacne!!!
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