In need of help for headphones+dac+amp. (please help)


Nov 16, 2013
Hello thank you for your time. Im currently looking at headphones to further expand my audio experience. What I need help in is good headphones and dac/amp combo. My budget is $200 but Im willing to spend 50 more dollars if needed. I mostly game and listen to music daily. I play fps games so I would prefer accuracy over super bass headphones but I do love bass. As for music I listen to alot of jazz, blues, and instrumental. I dont really care for a mod mic since ill buy it later on the road. As for DAC and Amps Im looking for a one stop buy combo, something that will do the job. If you could recommend headphones that meet my preferences i will greatly appreciate it. :) Im willing to provide computer specs and willing to reply. Thank you so much


Dec 17, 2011
I'd suggest you start out with a very good headphone instead of cramming an amp and dac into the $250 budget. Your headphones and what you are listening to will dictate over 85% of the sound quality you will be getting. I've plugged my $1400Sennheiser HD800's into $800+ amplifiers and dacs and the difference was there but it wasn't very big. My HD800's still sounded like HD800's plugged into my phone.

I'd recommend the Phillips Fidelio X2. These don't need an amp since they are very efficient and are one of the only open headphone that have bass. Most open headphones lack bass but these have a good amount of warmth to them without being too thick or overwhelming while maintaining the usual open headphone strengths of large soundstage and clear mids and treble.

Another recommendation is the AKG Q701. These also have an adequate amount of bass unlike most open headphones but may or may not get loud enough without an amp which you can purchase after.

Both of these headphones have good soundstage and positional audio characteristics for gaming and balanced frequency response for instrumental music