In Need of Home Office Audio Solution?


Nov 23, 2013
Hello, was recently messing around with audio and realized it was time for some upgrades as my current office sound system is less than ideal. I have a PS4, PC, and DirecTV box that I would ideally like to have playing out of one sound system. All 3 systems listed output sound through HDMI but the DTV box is capable of outputting through Digital Out. I'm in the market to make audio upgrades so if someone can link me an inexpensive system to meet those demands that would be great. Thanks
You don't mention what you have now so it is hard to know what an upgrade would be.
As a starting point a Marantz or Cambridge AV receiver (so you can use HDMI) and good speakers would be a simple to connect and use option. Both of these receivers are notable because sound quality is primary to their design.
Visit a high end audio shop if the you can to listen to better quality speakers. Some brands to listen to would be Paradigm and Revel.