Question in search of new headset need feedback

Apr 27, 2020
what do you guys think of this headset for the price?…
only thing that concerns me is this comment
"just make sure you buy the sound card adapter or the soundd will be really bad i rated this headset at 2.5/10
but after buying the sound card adapter i change my review to 9/10
also people have been suggesting headphones with no mic and buying a stand alone mic, is the sound uality that much better? if so can anyone recomend some headphones without mics?

im using onboard sound if that helps at all, do i need a DAC since im not using an actual sound card? or is it only for that headset i linked

what about these guys comes with the DAC already

still just trying to find real proof/evidence or reviews of headphones with no mics VS gaming headsets with mics

Also since im using onboard sound is a DAC neccesary? even with headphones without a mic?

Or for the same price basically should i get

and a standalone mic?
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