In the market for a gaming laptop, advise me! (I'm thinking MSI GS)


Dec 3, 2014
Hey guys, so I need some guidance picking a gaming-forward / multimedia / everything laptop.

I have to travel quite a bit for work and for that reason I can't exactly carry around my newly built gaming desktop with me everywhere. (Yes hindsight is a beach.)

That aside, here is some relevant information:

1. I primarily play low-tech titles like CSGO, Archeage., (but competitively and I stream) so while I won't need ultra awesome graphics, I do want the newest Geforce 970m because I've read excellent things about the power consumption, heat, and performance.

2. I've used a 15 inch Macbook Pro that has served me well for several years and I have gotten so used to the sleekness of it that I want something somewhat similar. I played around with the MSI GT in person and found that it was too bulky for me, if that helps. However, the Macbook has also gotten me quite used to 100*C temperatures (with a cooling pad, AC on, and another fan blowing on my laptop), so as long as I am anywhere under that threshold, I'll be happy.

3. I want something that doesn't look completely ostentatious. I'll most likely buy another MBP down the line once my current one dies, but just having the gaming laptop available as a backup computer to bring with me when meeting clients would be helpful.

4. I'd prefer a glossy screen mainly because that's what I have gotten so used to staring at but otherwise it's not a deal breaker.

5. Any price is fine but of course having to spend less money would be better.


At the moment, I am leaning heavily towards the MSI GS series for the portability factor, power, and the glossy screen that some of the models have.

I know cooling can be an issue for slim laptops but from what I've read from the reviews, the temperatures seem to hover around 85 - 88. For this reason alone, maybe the bigger GS 70 would be better because apparently it has better cooling.

I want lots of ports.. USB, Ethernet, HDMI, and the GS has it.

I'll probably think of more down the line but do you think this is a suitable laptop considering my situation? Am I just trying to rationalize buying the GS? Is any of my information wrong? Alternatives? Recommendations? (I probably won't wait for the next Razer Blade), but I have considered the Asus gaming line, and possibly some of the more low-key looking laptops from Alienware and Aorus.

I can flat out tell you that I won't get the current Macbook with the 750m because that won't be enough power but at the same time I also won't need something outrageously powerful like an SLI setup or even a multiple SSD setup. I am also not interested in any Sager notebooks at this time.

Thanks for reading.