In-wall subwoofer, banana plug to RCA?


Nov 10, 2014
Hey guys! I'm pretty new at all of this, so please be gentle. I searched around but couldn't find the exact answer I was looking for, so I thought I'd just run this by people smarter than I am.

Here's the deal. I just moved into a house that's pre-wired for surround sound, and has speakers already in the walls/ceilings. A LOT of them. I've got:

- 2 Fronts in the family room
- 2 "Middles" in the family room,
- 2 "Rears" in the family room (these are a ways behind where anybody would sit, so they're very rear-rears)
- 1 In-wall subwoofer underneath one of the fronts
- 2 in the kitchen ceiling
- 2 outdoor speakers at the corners of the patio
- 2 "rock" speakers next to the hot tub.

I bought a Sony amplifier (7.2) and got pretty much everything hooked up. I did fronts to fronts, middles to surround, and then got a speaker selector for the rear-rears, the patio speakers, and the kitchen speakers. I hooked those up to the variable input on the receiver (bi-amp, surround rear, something else i can't remember). Here's my problem, though....

...all of the speakers came with banana plugs already on them. Which is great, problem mostly solved. However, the sub came with banana plugs too (two of them). The input on the receiver for the subwoofer is RCA. There are two RCA ports, I'm guessing one for each sub since it's 7.2.

The problem is, I'm getting no sound from the sub, even after soldering an RCA connector on it. I'm guessing that this has something to do with RCA and no amplifier and passive subwoofer and something else? Do I just need to buy a cheap amplifier for the subwoofer? Was I correct that both speaker wires get soldered to just one RCA connector? Blah.

Basically, I've got all of the dots, I just need somebody to help me connect them. The dots. Not the speakers. I can connect speakers.

Thanks (and sorry) in advance,