Increase laptop's video memory


Jan 13, 2016
I have HP 630 laptop with Intel(HD) Graphics providing me 762 MB video memory, Windows 7 OS, and a 2nd gen Intel core i3 processor with 2 GB RAM. How can I increase its available video memory so that I can play games like Batman Arkham Asylum ?


Dec 8, 2013
You can't increase the video memory per-se, but you can allocate more virtual memory for your computer to use.

To do this, click start, right click computer>Properties>advanced system settings>advanced>performance>advanced>(virtual memory)>change>

click custom size and enter the size of hard drive space you would like to allocate to virtual memory. I would recommend and initial size of 10000mb and a maximum size of 20000mb. Click apply and reboot your system.

Hope this helps :)
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