Question Independant Volume Control LG WEBos TV

Aug 2, 2021
Hi, new to this forum but with LG themselves being of little help I thought I would try here. Reading the forum in Toms Guide has been a great help to me in the past with getting my head around a few setup and compatibilty issues.

I have a 75" LG Webos TV and I am trying to set it up with independant volume control for both Bluetooth Headphones and the TV Speakers as we have a family member that has degenarative hearing issues. This was a simple task on a 1 year older 75" Samsung TV and was achieved without the need for additional equipment. So to the Webos LG.

I am looking at using an external Bluetooth Transmitter via the Optical/Digital audio outlet on the LG to the Bluetooth Headphones hoping that this will enable the headphones to have adjustable volume via the Headphones inbuilt volume control without it influencing the volume of the TV speakers. There is a setting for Optical + TV Speakers in the LG which I hope to use however I am unsure as to whether this Optical/Digital outlet volume will also be controlled via the TV remote and/or Headphones as it is with the LG's internal Bluetooth connection. I fear I might end up with the same scenario as with the TV and Bluetooth Surround sound output and a Bluetooth Transmitter that is of little use.

Long winded I know but I thought it better to put all the info I know in here in one go to see if anyone out there can help.
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