Inside the Black Budget: 5 Things NSA May Be Working On

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Jul 21, 2008
meh... the never-ending race. Sad that it is still necessary in this day and age.

I do question the RSA /DH cracking initiative. Crack that and given a leak they expose themselves as well. Unless they can develop the quantum cryptography before cracking the old standards then it will do them no good. And then again. One defector and the crack will be leaked and the world go to pot if a new standard is not put in place. Which they will then have to crack, which will then need to be replaced, etc... etc...

Make that a hamsterball race. But then in the end. We only catch up to US intelligence a decade or so later usually. So they probably have cracked RSA already and have something better than Quantum encryption.


Jul 31, 2013
The dystopian fantasies of yesteryear are now a reality. We’ve allowed the coming of an age where the civil liberties our forefathers fought so hard for are being eroded by the day. Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly are mere ghostly images of their original intent. We’ve woken up to an Orwellian Society of Fear where anyone is at the mercy of being labeled a terrorist for standing up for rights we took for granted just over a decade ago. Read about how we’re waging war against ourselves at
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