inspiron 15 3521 os software win8 64bit


Jan 13, 2016
hello and i just joined i was wondering if anyone could upload and send me or give me the link to down a dell inspiron 15 3251 os recovery software i can download and burn myself. reason being is when i bought my dell the laptop had the reinstall software inside the pc... not like older models with the disk included and well im a dumb person at the moment. because i got it a few years back and now the warrenty is out and dell of being a good company and helping.. are charging me 129$ for a os disk.. for my dell... and i think its just plain wrong since the company wont send me one free disk.. i made one when i got it. but like a said a few years ago... i cant seem to find it because of my kids thing went missing and such. so for now im running my laptop on a temp hdd 80gb and windows 8 enterprise evaluation. only 88 days left so im planning to buy a better one as soon as i get the right os software. btw my product key is installed on my mothberboard on this laptop so when i reinstall the os it will auto activate. or so im told please help thanks


just get official win10 iso file directly from microsoft and burn it to dvd or usb... Easy and free. But for win8, you cant do that and the only legit way is to buy disk