Inspiron mini 10 slow and hot?


Aug 16, 2010
Complete novice at this stuff. My Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (less than one year old) is super slow. Not internet, but everything (it took 10 minutes to start up this morning. It also gets very hot while in use. Fixable?
I believe that the mini 10's use an atom processor, which really shouldn't get that hot. Do you know what kind of temperatures it is putting out? I ask because if a fan or something has broken down, the chip could be overheating, which will lead to the chip to throttle back performance in order to stay within it's normal operating temperatures.

If you do not know the temps, google a program called "Speedfan" and install it (it's free) or if that doesn't work, try something called "RealTemp." From there run either and tell us what kind of temperatures you are getting.


Jan 28, 2013
there is no fan. its a thermal pad on the cpu, northbridge and another chip (southbridge or graphics)
which bleeds heat up to a metal tray which has a single pinkey finger print sized thermal pad that touches the metal bottom of the keypad.

suggest more and bigger thermal pads to be the easiest solution.... however disassembly isn't the easiest thing in the world and chances are you will find part of the screen hinge mount broken ( got 4 replacements on ebay, all broken already just like mine)

have it sit a bit up off the table (put 4 bottle caps under it, one on each corner.
or with a fan blowing on it.

I had surprisingly good results just placing a p4 heatsink touching the VGA out on the side.