Installing windows xp on toshiba tecra m9 pmt903 laptop


Jun 3, 2011
Hello All,
I am asking on behaf of a friend who has a similar laptop to me (same make and model but only he has 160GB sata hard drive). We are both computer phobic. My friend would like to go back to windows xp professional on his laptop. I have looked at advice on line but it ia all very confusing to me. My friend does not have a interweb connection. so any advice on installing windows xp professional would be welcome but it would have to easier steps for me to help him with his laptop. I use active kill disk (hard drive cleaner) to wipe out windows and to reformat the hard drive on my laptop and use the toshiba product recovery disk (windows vista business). My friend also has the same product recovery disk but he does not want vista as it wants a security product installed but he does not use the interweb.


Fist step, buy an valid XP CD and key.

Second, download the drivers for XP for your system.

Third, run the XP setup on the laptop, then install the drivers from step 2.

No clue why you would not want Vista, it will run fine without an antivirus program, just ignore the suggestions that it should be installed. Any reason why you'd want to not have one? It the laptop sealed in a room and he only uses files he creates on it? If not, he should install anti-virus on it.