Review Intego Mac Internet Security X9 review

Jun 19, 2020
I have a negative review of X9 Virus Package after subscribing for a year with my 3 machines all MacOS and different models - a iMac 27", a MacBook Pro 2019, and a MacMini M1. I shared my review with Intego.

Needed to protect three Macs at the latest version of MacOS on each and would need it to scan and report much quicker than it has done on the backup machine MacMini M1 where almost all files are in some way compressed. Your software in un-useful if it cannot do that. I see that I am not alone in these critiques (despite your contrary statements).

I would give Intego's X9 software suite a 7 out of 10 overall with a 3 for support, an 8 on operability in MacOS, and 6 in usefulness successful scanning, compatibility and Virus trapping effectiveness affecting machine performance. Also a 0 for usefulness as a Net Barrier (for me) as a firewall for my equipment. That component is included but of no use and cannot be excluded at a lower cost.

So it looks like I’ll have to take a pass on offers and go it without Virus Barrier.

IMO, it has been a disappointing experience because:
  1. Intego has not kept pace with updates and (at a minimum) release versions of MacOS.
  2. Intego has made backups scans into lengthy processes and slowed dfown the basic speed of the machine while scanning to the detriment of usefulness of the device.
  3. Intego has not responded to compaint with any resolution despite sending full and complete reports about them.