intel hd4600 being used instead of nvidia gt 750m (laptop)

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Apr 18, 2015
Hey guys i'm new to the forums, sorry if this has been posted on the wrong sub section, feel free to move it.

I have an issue with my nvidia gt750m whereby it is being detected but not being used during games

I have tried to set it to the primary graphics card in my laptop (including right clicking and running as an administrator and then setting it to use the nvidia card as default.

I used to recieve 60+ fps on games such as black ops 2 on med/high settings, however I now get 40-50 fps on lowest settings and drop down to 10-20 fps when I'm shot/go in fire etc. I also recieve very low fps in other games such as crysis 3 etc which I never used to.

msi after burner shows the card is not being used. I have tried redownloading drivers

I tried disabling the graphics card in device drivers mid game of black ops 2, expecting the game to crash, however it did not, showing that the game was running of my intel hd4600 and not the 750m. any help would be appreciated in to fixing this error.


Apr 18, 2015
edit: I tried a stress test and monitored my gpu, there was no power through it, however my computer is recognising it is there, and the drivers are up to date, does anyone know why?
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