Intel (i3 5th gen+nvidia 920m) or amd( a10+ r7 radeon m265) ?


Nov 13, 2015
I m planning to a laptop on very tight budget ( 35k INR) and i did some search and got this.

Asus X555lj-xx177hh
i3 5th gen
Nvidia geforce 920mm(2gb)
4gb ram
1tb HDD

On the other hand
Acer E5-551G (NX.MLESI.001)

AMD APU A10 7300
AMD Radeon R7 M265(2gb)
8gb ram ( what if i get 4gb with rest same specs)
1tb HDD

I m confused because both laptop have different cpu+gpu.

What i m expecting?

Well i m expecting so much :p
I need max configuration in this price tag.

I m buying laptop for autcad, solidwoks, Siemens NX etc

Also it should handle most of games ( low + medium setting. High setting can't be possible for this price :p )

If you have something better to suggest you are most welcomed. :)


Nov 13, 2015
Thank you @gamer2321, @ComputerSecurityGuy

I m also thinking to go with acer.
This going to be my first laptop.

But i have question, i have seen people prefer intel laptop over amd ( my all friends have intel based laptops) though i guess amd is also good (less costly with same intel performance)
Then why intel? Will amd fullfil my need?


Aug 26, 2013
Intel has better higher end components although they are quite pricy but at the price range affore mentioned AMD is a no brainer as their components often offer better price to performance at the mid and lower ranges. If your living in India or some similar asian country the stigma that Intel is better no matter what prevails among the ignorant :D


Nov 13, 2015
Thank you guys for valuable comments i have made my mind for acer e5-551G.
I think it is only the best specs laptop that i can get under 35k/30k INR
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