News Intel's latest Raptor Lake Core i9 CPU just got smoked by Apple's M3 Max in Geekbench


Jun 3, 2013
Since that Acer Helios has a RTX 4080, then the graphics, and AI on that card will spank Apple's pro MacBook with its M3 Max SoC to the curb. Try and remember the 4080 is rated with a Tensor TF32 (TFLOPS) of 97.5. That alone kicks Apple's overpriced M3 Max to the curb. But the 4080 also has a Ray Tracing TFLOPS score of 112.7, which will also beat the pants off Apple's M3 endeavors.

Look at the entire picture. That Acer Helios also comes with an incredibly fast RTX 4080 GPU, which has both AI and ray tracing support that will beat the piss out of Apple's best M3 Max. Just lookup the ratings for that GPU yourself.
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